National Corporation
Catalyzing Progress in Pakistan's Power Sector and Beyond.
Welcome to National Corporation, Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Solutions.
National Corporation
Catalyzing Progress in Pakistan's Power Sector and Beyond.
Welcome to National Corporation, Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Solutions.
National Corporation
Catalyzing Progress in Pakistan's Power Sector and Beyond.
Welcome to National Corporation, Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Solutions.

About National Corporation

As a prominent engineering organization in Pakistan, National Corporation is dedicated to delivering excellence in business coordination. We have successfully served a diverse clientele, both locally and internationally, with our exceptional solutions and services. NC, being a leading entity in the energy sector of Pakistan, offering a comprehensive range of products and services. With a strong reputation and a proven track record, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner for our valued clients. In addition to our comprehensive offerings, we pride ourselves on our repair and refurbishment services, which are backed by warranties and guarantees equivalent to those offered by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

We provide customized Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) that encompass scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, technical support, spare parts, plant reliability, and qualified engineers from the OEM. Our dedicated support team ensures seamless contract management and assistance, backed by 24/7 emergency cover, remote monitoring and diagnostics, logistics support, training, and troubleshooting.

National Corporation

Our Services

With international codes, standards and specifications maintaining the high standard of quality

Equipment and Spare Parts Supply

Get the most premium quality equipment and spare parts for your power plants from us. We provide a complete variety of spare parts, from minor to major parts, for turbines and power plants. Our partnership with reliable manufacturers promises you optimal performance and power output.

Inspection & Testing Services

Leverage our inspection and testing services for your complete plant assets. Our expert inspection team works closely throughout the lifecycle and provides you with endless support. From the initial stages to commissioning, diagnosis, and maintenance, you’ll find us vigilant in the whole process.

Balance of Plant (BOP)

To optimize your power plants, get our expertise to install and maintain the Balance of Plants. Whether it’s electrical, mechanical, or civil work, we provide you with the best BOP services.


Long-Term Service Agreements

Promising you to keep the power plant downtime minimum, we provide long-term service agreements. We let the power plant owners stay worry-free by regular maintenance and repairs whenever and wherever needed.


Electro-Mechanical Installation

Our expertise in electro-mechanical installation, erection, and commissioning services has set the bar higher in the industry. Our workforce’s efficient and professional attitude and ability to install turbines, generators, and equipment have always been commendable by our clients.


Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

When it comes to O&M services, National Corporation is the most trusted name in Pakistan’s energy sector, including WAPDA, IPP, OEMs, and international contractors. Our team’s expertise in providing seamless operation & maintenance services sets NC apart in the power sector.


Outages & Turnaround Services

At National Corporation, we are determined to keep the energy sector producing at its optimal rate. We are committed to providing on-time maintenance for plant shutdowns and broken parts. Our expert workforce is adept at repairing complex parts of turbines, generators, and power plant minor and major equipment.

Areas of Operation

Thermal Power Plant
Thermal Power Plant Maintenance

Thermal Power Plants

Improve the efficiency and power output of your thermal power plants with the National Corporation. We specialize in refurbishing and installing the parts while prolonging the lifespan of your assets. Trust NatCorp for reliable solutions that optimize performance and keep the standards higher. Experience excellence today.

Improve the efficiency



Hydel Power Plant Maintenance

Hydel Power Plants

At National Corporation, we specialize in enhancing sustainability and maximizing output for your hydel power plants. Our skilled technicians deliver seamless upgrades, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Choose NatCorp for innovative solutions that empower your hydropower operations. Power up your output with us today! 

Ehhance Sustaiability

Top-Notch Performance

Optimal Performance

Hydel Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance

Nuclear Power Plants

Enhance your nuclear power plants with NatCorp’s premier refurbishment and installation services. We focus on safety and guarantee optimal performance and regulatory compliance. Leverage our expertise for seamless upgrades and modernization, ensuring reliability and longevity. Keep your nuclear power plants in motion with us!

Ehhance Performance

Optimal Performance

Pefect Output

Food Industries

Food Processing Industries

Power up your food processing industry with National Corporation’s comprehensive services. From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we optimize your operations for peak efficiency and compliance. Our expert team ensures seamless upgrades, enhancing productivity and quality standards. Leverage our expertise for reliable solutions tailored to your food processing industry needs.

Optimize Your Operations

Install, Maintain, Refurbish

Upgrade, Comply

food processing industry
Textile Industries

Textile Industries

Keep your textile industry in motion with the National Corporation! From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we optimize your operations for maximum productivity and efficiency. We provide you with tailored solutions to meet your production needs without having mechanical breakdowns. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our top-notch services! 

Prevent Mechanical Breakdowns

Tailored Solutions

Elevate Manufacturing Capabilities


Cement Industries

Cement industries hold the utmost significance in Pakistan, as do our maintenance and refurbishment services for the cement industry. We enhance your industry operations for top-tier performance and longevity. Our proficient team ensures smooth upgrades to boost efficiency and production. Leverage our customized solutions to improve your cement manufacturing process. 

Enhance Industry Operations

Customized Solutions

Improve Manufacturing Process

cement industry
fertilizer industry-min

Fertilizer Industries

Achieve the maximum output by reducing the downtime of your mechanical repairs. From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we help you maximize productivity and sustainability. Our expert team ensures seamless upgrades, enhancing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. Trust our tailored solutions to elevate your fertilizer production capabilities. 

Reduce Downtime

Minimize Environmental Impact

Tailored Solutions


Paint Industries

Transform your paint production output with the National Corporation’s comprehensive services. From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we help you maintain better and consistent performance. Our expert team provides upgrades to improve efficiency and productivity. Experience excellence with our tailored services that elevate your paint manufacturing standards. 

Better, Consistent Performance

Efficiency & Productivity

Elevated Standards

paint industries
sugar industries

Sugar Industries

Understanding the importance of the sugar industry in Pakistan’s economy, we provide complete services to sugar industries to maximize their production without falling prey to breakdowns or faults. We provide installation, maintenance, and refurbishment services to maximize productivity. Whether it’s one-time or ongoing maintenance, National Corporation serves the best! 

Maximize Productivity

ongoing Maintenance

Maximize Production


Refrigeration Industries

Keep your refrigeration systems working in the right condition with our comprehensive services. At National Corporation, we provide maintenance, installation, and refurbishment services, ensuring your cooling systems are working properly. Our workforce offers complete services to enhance the refrigerator’s performance and minimize energy consumption. Experience the best with us today!

Maintenance, Installation, Refurbishment

Comprehensive Services

minimized Energy Consumption

refrigeration industry
chemical industry-min

Chemical Industries

Transform your chemical industries with National Corporation’s comprehensive services. We ensure your optimum output without suffering losses due to plant turndown rate. From installation to maintenance and refurbishment, we optimize your operations for peak performance and safety compliance. Our team offers endless support to meet your chemical production needs. 

Optimum Output & Minimize Losses

Endless Support

Meet Production Needs


Automotive Industries

Level up your automotive production and assembling industry with National Corporation’s top-notch and reliable services. Optimize your operations for peak performance with our installation, maintenance, and refurbishment services. Leverage our expertise to maximize automotive production while elevating the automotive industry standards. Experience excellence with us today!

Maximize Automotive Production

Elevate Industry Standards

Reliable Services

automotive industry
oil & gas industry
Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industries

Oil and gas industries are significant around the globe. At National Corporation, we help you simplify the extraction and refining process and keep the machinery running smoothly. We provide installation, maintenance, and refurbishment services to optimize your operations for peak performance. Trust NatCorp to maximize oil and gas production! 

Extraction, Refining

Maximize Oil & Gas Production

Peak Performance Optimization


Locomotive Industries

At National Corporation, we power up your locomotive industries with our specialized services. From precise installation to proactive maintenance and refurbishment, we address the unique demands of locomotive operations. Our experts provide seamless upgrades to enhance reliability, safety, and efficiency. Witness the difference with us today! 

Precise Installation

Proactive Maintenance

Seamless Upgrades

oil & gas industry

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