Balance of Plant (BOP)

Balance of Plant Services

At the National Corporation, we are your trusted partner for the Balance of Plant (BOP) services. Considering the significance of BOP maintenance in optimizing power plant performance, reliability, and safety, we offer you the best services. With expertise in well-control equipment, blowout preventer units, control systems, pressure control equipment, and more, we offer tailored solutions to optimize the efficiency of your operations.

What BOP includes

  • Electrical systems: Transformers, inverters, switchgear, circuit breakers, power conditioners, and control systems to manage and distribute the electricity generated.
  • Mechanical systems: Pumps, fans, valves, piping, heat exchangers, and cooling systems to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Civil works: Foundations for equipment, buildings to house various components, and internal roads for access and maintenance.
  • Environmental control systems: Equipment to manage emissions and waste heat and ensure the plant operates within ecological regulations.
power Plant maintenance

What BOP services do we offer?

  • Well Control Equipment: From installation to maintenance and testing, we ensure the safety of your well control equipment to overcome risks and enhance safety standards.
  • Blowout Preventer Units: Our team specializes in the inspection, repair, and testing of blowout preventer units, protecting against uncontrolled operations and protecting your assets.
  • Control Systems: Enhance your power plant operational efficiency with our expertise in designing, installing, and optimizing control systems tailored to your needs.
  • Pressure Control Equipment: We provide reliable maintenance and calibration services for pressure control equipment to ensure compliance and prevent operational disruptions.
  • Surface BOP: Our comprehensive inspection and testing services for surface blowout preventer systems help prevent hydrocarbon releases and maintain environmental integrity.
  • BOP Maintenance: We design proactive maintenance programs to maximize the longevity and reliability of your blowout preventer units and associated equipment.
  • BOP Testing: We test procedures to validate the functionality and performance of your blowout preventer systems under various operating conditions.

Why National Corporation?

Being committed to excellence and dedication in providing BOP services, we empower you to achieve the optimal performance of your power plant auxiliaries. The reasons what make our people choose us over others are:

  • Our expertise in balance of plant services
  • Tailored solutions as per requirements
  • Reliable and safety standards
  • Our responsive customer support 
  • Timely services to maximize efficiency

This is what makes us the ideal partner for achieving operational excellence in your industry!

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