Air compressors are an indispensable part of power plants in Pakistan. They convert power into potential energy stored in compressed air. To ensure optimal efficiency, various air compressor parts function together to achieve this. Additionally, there are multiple types of air compressor spare parts, including oil-free compressor parts and screw compressors. However, screw compressors in Pakistan are more efficient and consistent in performance. 

Moreover, some specific types of compressors function across multiple types of power plants. These types include:

  • Electric turbine compressors
  • Steam turbine compressors
  • Gas turbine compressors 
  • Auto air compressors 

These turbine-driven compressors are used in specific industries according to the requirements. Their versatility and functionality make them an essential part of the power generation. These air compressors also require maintenance and repair to give optimal performance. So, you can get suitable spare parts from the National Corporation!


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Air compressor bearings

Air Compressor Bearings

  • Air compressor bearings facilitate the smooth rotation of compressor components.
  • These bearings can withstand high pressures and temperatures, providing long-lasting reliability.
  • They reduce the vibrations to improve the overall stability and performance of the system.
  • Air compressor bearings help maintain proper alignment.
  • They enable the compressor to handle high speeds and heavy loads, maintaining efficient air compression.

air compressor filterair compressor filter

Air Compressor Filter

  • It maintains clean and quality compressed air
  • The filter removes dust, debris, and contaminants from the air.
  • It prevents damage to the compressor and downstream equipment.
  • It ensures energy efficiency and optimal performance
  • The properly functioning filters contribute to longer equipment lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

air compressor sealair compressor seal

Air Compressor Seal

  • It creates a tight seal between rotating and stationary parts, maintaining system efficiency. 
  • It prevents air or gas leakages between parts.
  • These seals can withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • They also reduce energy losses.
  • They ensure reliable operation, resulting in optimal performance.

air compressor valvesair compressor valves

Air Compressor Valves

  • Our air compressor valves regulate pressure levels with HVAC systems
  • They are designed to fit various compressor models
  • The valves are crafted from durable materials that guarantee long-lasting performance
  • They control the airflow and pressure, improving the overall efficiency
  • They provide versatile compatibility and seamless integration

compressor bladesblades OF COMPRESSOR

Compressor Blades

  • Compressor blades boost efficiency by increasing pressure and density.
  • The blades facilitate the smooth airflow through the turbine, reducing pressure losses.
  • They help regulate the temperature within the engine, preventing overheating.
  • They enhance the stability and reliability of the power plants, reducing power failures.
  • Compressor rotor blades improve performance and achieve higher power output levels.

Compressor impellersCompressor impeller

Compressor Impellers

  • The compressor impellers are specifically designed to optimize airflow and power generation.
  • They are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • They offer versatile compatibility to suit various power generation setups.
  • The shape and angles of the blades are optimized to enhance efficiency and minimize turbulence.
  • Blades of compressor impellers are designed to increase the air or gas pressure by compressing it.