Electro-Mechanical Installation

Electro-Mechanical Installation Services

At the National Corporation, we offer electro-mechanical services and expertise for seamless power generation. Considering Pakistan’s power sector needs and output, our services include electro-mechanical engineering, expert assistance in installation, erection, and commissioning of critical power plant parts.  

Installation, Erection, and Commissioning Services

Leveraging our qualified team of engineers, you can get complete services from erection to installation of the power plants. Since it is all about the interaction of electrical and mechanical systems in power plants, we pay close attention to the critical parts to ensure efficient and unhindered operation. Our commissioning services of critical components include:

  • Installation of generators
  • Installation of turbines and related parts
  • Assembly of motors 
  • Installation of low-to-high voltage switchgear
  • Installation of power transformers
  • Monitoring through control panels

We provide solutions tailored to protect electrical distribution equipment. Being the most trusted name in Pakistan’s power sector, you can leverage our expertise to keep your power plants in motion. 

Electro-Mechanical Installation Services

Maintenance and Repair; Power Generation Solutions

Whether it is hydro, steam, or gas turbines, we promise seamless integration, installation, and operation. Our team at the National Corporation is highly skilled with in-depth knowledge and experience. 

  • For turbines: Maintain optimal performance and reliability of your turbines with our installation, commissioning, and electro-mechanical services.
  • For generators: By seamlessly integrating generators into existing power systems, we maximize efficiency while reducing downtime.
  • For motors: Whether it’s DC or AC motors, we provide precise installation and commissioning services for smooth operations. 
  • For transformers: For the proper voltage regulation and power distribution, we provide electro-mechanical service for transformers ensuring their safe and optimal performance.
  • For Switchgear:  We ensure proper control and safety of electrical circuits through expert installation and maintenance services for switchgear.            
  • For control panel: Ensuring seamless integration and functionality of the control system, we provide tailored services to meet your specific requirements. 
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment: From circuit breakers to relays, our electro-mechanical services cover the maintenance and repair of electrical distribution equipment. 

Our team focuses on improving your optimal performance without any power losses. So, you can leverage our expertise to reduce downtime and overcome costly disruptions and power losses. 

Why National Corporation?

Since we are long-known in Pakistan’s power sector, our dedication, quality of work, and excellence have always made us stand out from the rest. Contributing to sustainable energy production and a better Pakistan, we offer our proactive maintenance and responsive repair services. To ensure the longevity and reliability of electrical systems, we provide a complete suite of services from installation to maintenance and commissioning. Our skilled team of technicians conducts routine inspections to identify potential issues and resolve them before any breakdown. We are the industry’s most trusted and reliable partner for electro-mechanical services to meet your specific requirements.