Gas Turbine Seals

Gas Turbine Seals

  • Prevents leakage of air and gases.
  • Maintains proper pressure level.
  • Crucial for minimizing energy losses.
  • Different types of seals: labyrinth, brush, and rim seals.
  • Enhance turbine performance and reliability.


Gas turbine seals are critical in maintaining efficient operation by preventing the gas flow. It serves the role of barrier and reduces the leakages between different turbine sections. Otherwise, the leaks can disrupt the designed flow path of the hot gases, which reduces overall efficiency and potentially damages the components. To avoid losses, there are multiple types of seals:

  • Gas turbine labyrinth seal: a maze-like design with interlocking teeth to restrict gas flow
  • Gas turbine brush seal: fine bristles that contact the rotating shaft.
  • Gas turbine rim seal: forms seal between rotating blades and casing.
  • Gas turbine bearing seal: prevents the leakage of lubricants in the bearing.

Based on the requirement and area of the turbine, variable types of seals are used to avoid leakages. Additionally, the turbines operate with significant pressure and temperature differences between various sections. So, the seals maintain gradients by preventing high-pressure and hot gases from leaking into areas with lower-pressure or cooler components. 

Moreover, seals operate in a harsh environment and are typically made from high-temperature-resistant materials. Though some seal leakage is unavoidable, well-designed seals can minimize leakage to a level that doesn’t significantly impact overall engine efficiency. To prevent unwanted gas flow and maintain pressure and temperature gradients, shop the most reliable turbine seal from the National Corporation!


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