• It connects the compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine.
  • Rotates at high speed to drive compressor and turbine components.
  • Understand extreme temperatures and stress.
  • Play a critical role in converting fuel into mechanical energy.
  • Regulates the turbine rotational speed.


The gas turbine shaft is like the backbone connecting essential parts like the compressor and combustion chamber in the turbine. It is the powerhouse that transfers energy to make everything work smoothly. In simple words, it acts like a bridge in the gas turbine. It is responsible for transferring power from the burning fuel to generating electricity. Depending upon the turbine’s complexity and requirements, it has multiple types: 

  • Single-shaft gas turbine 
  • Two-shaft gas turbine
  •  Multi-shaft gas turbine

The single shaft is the solo performer in the turbine, where the two operate on two separate shafts for the compressor and turbine sections. However, gas turbine multi-shafts are dedicated to different turbine parts. Additionally, when fuel burns in the gas turbine’s combustion chamber, it creates hot, high-pressure gases. These gases expand and rush out through turbine blades, causing them to spin rapidly. The shaft connects these spinning turbine blades to generate power. 

Moreover, the shaft also supports the rotating parts of the turbine, such as the compressor and turbine blades. It ensures these parts stay in the correct position, which otherwise could reduce efficiency. It also controls the speed at which the turbine spins. Adjusting factors like the angle of the turbine blades or the amount of fuel being burned can increase or decrease the turbine’s speed. Overall, the gas turbine shaft is essential for converting the energy from burning fuel into electricity, providing stability to the turbine’s components, and allowing for control over its operation. It’s a vital component that keeps turbines running smoothly and efficiently.


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