Shroud Blocks

Shroud Blocks

  • Made up of high-temperature resistant materials.
  • Supports and protects the turbine blades.
  • Maintains the structure of the turbine blades.
  • Minimizes vibration and ensures smooth performance.
  • Improves the overall efficiency.


Shroud blocks, also known as segments or tips shrouds, play a crucial role in optimizing the performance and longitude of gas turbine blades. They create a continuous ring around the tips of the turbine blades, which helps to minimize the leakage of hot combustion gases over the blade tips. The uncontrolled leakage disrupts the hot gases’ intended flow path, reducing the turbine’s efficiency in extracting energy from the gas stream. So, the shroud segments contribute to a more controlled and efficient energy transfer to the turbine blades.

They make it from ceramics or other strong materials so it can handle harsh conditions. It gives overall structural support to the turbine casing. Usually, the shrouds are of two types: stationary and rotating shroud. Stationary shrouds stay in one place around the blades. Rotating shrouds are connected to the blades and spin with them when the engine burns fuel.

In the combustion process, a shroud block prevents hot gases from directly contacting the turbine blades. By doing so, it protects the blades from excessive heat and friction and increases the lifespan and efficiency of the gas turbine system. It provides support, protection, and vibration damping for the turbine blades. It is an essential component to smoothen the operations of gas turbines. Based on the gas turbine requirement, get the most suitable product to improve the longevity of the turbine with the National Corporation!


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