Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes

  • It transfers electrical current between the stator and the rotor.
  • It enables smooth and direct contact with the commutator.
  • It maintains a constant flow of electricity.
  • It controls the output voltage.
  • It regulates the performance of the generator.


Carbon brushes are the most minor yet crucial component in the smooth operation of AC and DC generators. These brushes transfer electrical current from the rotating part, called the rotor, to the stationary part, the stator. They ensure a continuous flow of electricity by maintaining contact with the rotating commutator or slip rings. In short, they act as a bridge, connecting the spinning rotor to the static components and allowing the generated electricity to flow freely.

Additionally, brushes in AC generators maintain constant contact between the rotor and the stator, ensuring a continuous electricity supply. Similarly, brushes in DC generators facilitate the transfer of current from the spinning armature to the stationary terminals. As the rotor spins, the brushes deliver electrical current to the commutator segments, generating DC power.

They are usually made up of carbon for their better conductivity and durability. They are used due to their excellent electrical conductivity, as they are made up of carbon and some other materials to provide optimal performance. They aim to reduce the wear and tear on the commutator or slip rings. It is important to note that the carbon brushes can wear down over time due to friction and electrical arcing. Regular maintenance, like checking and replacing worn brushes, is necessary to ensure the generator operates efficiently and safely. So, if you want to ensure optimal performance or replace carbon brushes in an AC or DC generator, buy generator carbon brushes of premium quality from the NC store!


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