Discharge Rings

Discharge Rings

  • They help control the flow of water exiting the turbine.
  • These rings optimize the turbine’s efficiency by managing water flow.
  • They ensure that water is discharged smoothly and efficiently.
  • Hydro Turbine Discharge Rings play a crucial role in the operation of hydroelectric power plants.



In hydro plants, discharge rings provide a smooth and controlled exit for the water coming out of the turbine. It helps to distribute the water evenly and reduce turbulence. They also direct the water flow towards the draft tube or tailrace, ensuring that it is properly discharged from the plant. 

When meticulously designed, discharge rings for Kaplan turbines ensure optimal performance in power generation. From the discharge ring for JHPS to the overall power sector in Pakistan, use the most efficient product to achieve quality and performance. Here is what makes it the best: 

  • Optimized flow dynamics to improve the efficiency of your hydropower plants
  • Crafted with precision to ensure reliable performance and sustainability
  • Durably constructed to endure demanding conditions 
  • Specifically designed for your turbines to fit perfectly and provide maximum performance
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing power plants

Get the most durable products and tailored solutions to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your hydropower plants.


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