Draft Tube

Draft Tube

  • It helps to increase the efficiency of the turbine by reducing energy loss.
  • The draft tube connects the turbine’s runner.



The draft tube in a hydropower plant is a diverging tube fixed at the turbine runner’s outlet to consume existing water’s kinetic energy. By increasing the pressure of exiting water, it leverages the energy of water to its maximum. These tubes have a significant role in maintaining the existing water flow, so they should be of good quality. Considering the necessity, here is what the draft tubes offer: 

  • Increase the water flow dynamics to reduce energy loss
  • Maximize the power output in hydropower plants
  • Ensure long-term reliability and performance in demanding hydroelectric conditions.
  • Designed for various hydro plant configurations, including apal draft tubes and gates
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing hydro plants, minimizing downtime.

You can maximize power production by using the top-notch draft tube gates in hydropower plants. The right design of the tube and the shape and size of the turbine impact overall performance and effectiveness. Shop today to reduce power losses and ultimately enhance power generation!


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