Generator Surface Air Cooler

Generator Surface Air Cooler

  • It helps in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the generator.
  • The cooler consists of a series of fins and tubes through which air flows, dissipating heat from the generator’s surface.
  • It prevents the generator from overheating, leading to damage or decreased efficiency.
  • The generator’s surface air cooler is essential for ensuring the reliability and longevity of the generator.



Surface air cooler is are used in the hydro plants to cool down the hot water that comes out of the turbine. It helps to maintain the temperature of the water at an optimal level by transferring heat to the surrounding air. This cooling process is significant to increase the efficiency of the power plants. 

Since coolers play a crucial role in power generation, we ensure heat dissipates efficiently in the process. Here is how it offers the best:

  • Ensures optimal operating temperatures for generators
  • Maintains peak performance and reliability 
  • Prevents overheating by efficient heat dissipation 
  • Made up of premium material to withstand harsh conditions
  • Versatile range of motor & generator coolers ensuring up-to-mark performance 

The surface air coolers transfer heat through convection. As the hot water flows through the tubes of the cooler, the surrounding air comes into contact with the tubes and absorbs the heat. By maintaining optimal temperatures, it improves the performance and reliability of the equipment. You can leverage the National Corporation for assistance from buying to installation in the power plants!


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