Inlet Valves

Inlet Valves

  • Hydro Turbine Inlet Valves control the flow of water entering the turbine.
  • They regulate the amount of water supplied to the turbine blades.
  • These valves help to manage the power output of the turbine.
  • They ensure efficient operation by adjusting water flow according to demand.
  • Hydro Turbine Inlet Valves are crucial components for maintaining optimal turbine performance.



The Hydro turbine inlet is a component that controls the flow of water entering the turbine. It is typically located at the entrance of the penstock, which is the pipe that carries water to the turbine. The inlet valves in hydro plants can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of water. By adjusting the valve, the operator can perform the following functions:

  • Control the speed and power output of the turbine
  • Optimizes the flow of water for efficient power generation
  • Smoothens and controls water intake for maximum power output
  • Minimize or maximize the power output by partially closing and opening it
  • Can adjust according to the power demand

The main inlet valve in the hydropower plant is adjustable, which gives complete control over water flow rates, allowing for fine-tuning of power output. So, if you want premium crafted and durable inlet valves to withstand high pressures, shop it today from the National Corporation!


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