Journal Bearing

Journal Bearing

  • It supports and stabilizes the rotating shaft of the turbine.
  • The bearing reduces friction between the shaft and the stationary parts, allowing smooth rotation.
  • It helps maintain the alignment of the shaft and prevents excessive wear and tear.
  • Hydro Turbine Journal Bearing ensures efficient and reliable turbine operation over time.



Journal bearings are an essential part of the rotating machine, including hydro turbines. They serve the important function of supporting and reducing friction between the rotating shaft and the stationary housing. The bearing consists of a cylindrical sleeve, called a journal, which surrounds the shaft. 

Here is what it offers:

  • Ensures smooth and efficient operation of rotating machinery
  • Variety of parts from journal parts to shaft journal bearings, full, simple, and split journal bearings tailored specifically
  • Made up of low-friction material i.e. bronze or Babbitt metal to withstand heavy load and harsh conditions 
  • Minimizes the friction to maximize the lifespan of your equipment
  • Distributes the load evenly along the length of the shaft

It reduces the friction through the phenomenon of hydrodynamic lubrication. When the shaft rotates, a thin film of lubricating oil forms between the journal and the bearing surface, which dissipates heat generated by friction. This smooth rotation extends the lifespan of the bearing. So, buy the most reliable parts from the National Corporation to expand the lifespan of the bearings!


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