Shaft Seal

Shaft Seal

  • It ensures that water does not enter areas where it shouldn’t, such as the turbine housing or generator.
  • The seal is designed to withstand high pressures and provide a tight barrier against water.
  • It helps maintain the efficiency and reliability of the hydro turbine by preventing water damage.
  • The Hydro Turbine Shaft Seal is crucial for hydroelectric power plants’ safe and effective operation.



A shaft seal in a hydro plant prevents water from leaking along the shaft and prevents the surrounding components from damage. It maintains the efficiency and reliability of the turbine through the following:

  • Prevents water leakage to keep the turbine in motion
  • Maintains smooth and efficient operation of plants
  • Made up of high-quality materials for long-term reliability
  • Easy to install, reducing the downtime to ensure smooth operation 

Francis turbine shaft seal works by creating a barrier between the rotating shaft and stationary housing. It consists of sealing rings that press against the shaft to form to tight seal. Usually, the sealing rings are made up of rubber or carbon, which have good sealing properties. 

The pressure of the water inside the turbine helps to maintain the seal and prevents leakage. Shop this essential component from the National Corporation to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the turbines!


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