Spiral Casing

Spiral Casing

  • It is a spiral-shaped, curved structure that guides water flow into the turbine.
  • The spiral casing helps convert water’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy.
  • It directs the water flow towards the turbine blades with minimal energy loss.
  • Hydro turbine spiral casing is essential for optimizing the efficiency and performance of hydroelectric power generation.



The spiral case is a component used in hydroelectric turbines. It is a large, spiral-shaped structure that surrounds the turbine runner. It is crucial in guiding the water flow from the penstock to the runner blades. The case’s spiral shape helps control and direct the flow of water. It ensures it enters the runner at the correct angle and with sufficient force to generate power. 

  • Redirects water flow to maximize the power output
  • Minimizes energy losses due to turbulence and friction
  • Improves the efficiency of turbines
  • Maintains a steady and uniform flow
  • Reduces the risk of Cavitation to improve the overall performance

The spiral case of a hydropower plant is made up of premium quality material withstanding harsh conditions. So, if you want to maximize the output and efficiency of hydro turbines, shop the top-quality spiral case from the National Cooperation!


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