Thrust Bearing

Thrust Bearing

  • It supports the axial (horizontal) loads generated by the water flow and turbine rotation.
  • The thrust bearing helps to maintain the proper alignment of the turbine shaft.
  • It reduces friction and ensures smooth rotation, enhancing the turbine’s efficiency.
  • Hydro Turbine Thrust Bearing plays a vital role in preventing excessive wear and tear, contributing to the longevity of the turbine system.



Thrust bearings play a crucial role in supporting the axial loads along the shaft. They are specifically designed to handle the types of loads and prevent the shaft from moving in the axial direction. Thrust bearings of hydro turbines support the rotation and stabilize the axial movement. 

Here is more about it:

  • Ensures smooth and efficient operation of the power plant machinery
  • Crafted from premium material to withstand harsh conditions
  • Precision-engineered to optimize the performance
  • Based on specific requirements like capacity, speed, and operating conditions.

From small thrust bearings to stainless steel variants, choose the specific variant according to the needs of your power generation. There are also multiple types like tapered roller bearings, tilting pad bearings, and ball bearings. So, get the desirable product from the National Corporation to meet your energy production demands!


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