Turbine Shaft

Turbine Shaft

  • Long metal rods are used in hydroelectric power plants.
  • It helps transfer rotational energy from turbines to generators.
  • Made of sturdy materials like steel or alloy.
  • Connects turbines to generators to produce electricity from water flow.
  • Critical component in hydroelectric power generation systems.



A hydro turbine shaft transmits the mechanical energy generated by the turbine to the generator. It connects the turbine runner to the generator rotor, allowing the rotational motion to be transferred and converted into electrical energy. The shaft plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency and operation of the hydropower plant. It serves the role of a bridge between the turbine and the generator to ensure the smooth transmission of power. 

These turbine shafts are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of Francis turbines. Here is what makes it more reliable:

  • Premium quality turbine shafts made up of high-grade material 
  • Ensure durability and reliability for hydropower plants 
  • Designed to fit various types of turbines, including Francis turbines 
  • Improve efficiency and power generation using durable shaft in turbines 
  • Precision-engineered hydro turbine shafts to improve the longevity 

Our designed turbine shafts ensure optimal performance to avoid power losses during energy transmission from turbines to generators. Leverage our quality products and services to deliver your best!


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