Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hydroelectric Power Plants Operation and Maintenance Services

Pakistan’s energy production depends on multiple resources, including the hydroelectric power plant. Regarding Pakistan’s electricity production statistics, hydroelectric power accounts for over 25% of energy. It shows the significant contribution of hydel energy to meeting production needs. Additionally, time-to-time maintenance of the parts of hydroelectric dams is essential to ensuring smooth production. This is where the National Corporation takes the lead in enhancing the performance and longevity of the power plants.

Intending to minimize downtime while maximizing the lifespan, National Corporation offers the best maintenance services. Whether it is replacing parts or a complete inspection of the plants, it is the most reliable company for keeping the plants in motion. For over 40 years, the National Corporation has won the trust of Pakistan’s massive hydroelectric power plant projects.

Our Services

Considering the threat of reduced power production, hydro power plants’ optimal operation and maintenance are essential. Since a slight malfunction in any part or asset of the power station can result in huge losses, National Corporation offers a complete suite of services to stay on the progressive track.

To serve this cause, here is what the National Corporation offers:

  • Complete inspection of a hydroelectric dam
  • Lubrication of the required parts
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Refurbishing the worn-out parts
  • Induction or installation of necessary parts
  • Optimizing operations for increasing output

Maintenance of Hydel Power Plant

Undoubtedly, the performance of hydel power plants relies on proactive maintenance strategies and services. The only function of a hydroelectric power plant is to produce electricity, which is achievable through timely maintenance. At National Corporation, we highly prioritize maintaining the quality and condition of the power plant parts to avoid unexpected disruptions or functional breakdowns.

For smooth performance, the National Corporation provides

  • Preventive maintenance: The National Corporation provides regular or scheduled maintenance to avoid functional failures and ensure optimal performance. It involves inspections and services such as lubrication, tightening bolts, checking hydraulic systems, cleaning debris, and alignment checks.
  • Corrective maintenance: The actual purpose of corrective maintenance is to restore the normal operations of the power station after the disruption. With its practical and on-time service, National Corporation promises to make the repairs as soon as possible. Doing this reduces downtime and saves the power plants from detrimental energy reduction.
Hydroelectric Power Plant

Overhaul and Refurbishment

Besides maintenance, refurbishing a hydroelectric dam’s worn-out parts is crucial to avoid potential issues and losses. From minor screws in the turbines to the generators, transformers, and powerhouse, National Corporation repairs the required parts.

Additionally, overhauling and refurbishing ensure the optimal performance of the power plants. We know the potential losses that damaged or broken parts can result in. Our team of experts ensures the operating cost and the energy output do not suffer due to the splintered parts of a hydroelectric dam. To serve the cause, we also provide refurbishment services for unhindered energy production in the future.

Optimizing the Operations of Hydroelectric Power Stations

As Pakistan’s energy production relies on hydroelectric power stations to a reasonable extent, optimizing the operations is essential. The hydropower sector’s primary concern is optimizing the operation of hydroelectric power plants. This optimized operation is possible through the continuous maintenance and upgrading of the condition of the power plants.

Moreover, to achieve the desired output from the hydel plants, it is important to check everything involved in the process. From the parts of a hydroelectric dam to the debris management, everything needs to be managed for enhanced productivity. For the ongoing operation of hydroelectric power plants, the National Corporation offers top-notch services from inspection to maintenance, optimization, and refurbishment.

Why Choose National Corporation?

For over 40 years, National Corporation has served Pakistan’s most significant power plant projects. We aim to keep the power sector progressing, contributing to a better and brighter Pakistan. We value the progress and successful operation of the power plants as our achievements.

With our expert team, we have deep knowledge about the parts of a hydroelectric dam and their functionality. We ensure nothing slips between the cracks, from the minor to the major hydroelectric power station parts. To ensure the optimal performance of every plant, the National Corporation checks every component and asset.

You can leverage our expertise, strategic maintenance, and refurbishment services to sustain the expected energy output. From minor to major maintenance tasks, National Corporation is highly committed to serving you the best at its earliest. So, to keep the turbines moving and generating energy, contact the most trusted name in the maintenance of power plants in Pakistan!