Electric generators play a crucial role in power generation. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and ensure uninterrupted power transmission. Additionally, there are various electric generator parts, including a tutor, stator, exciter, a synchronous generator, and an induction generator. All power generator parts work harmoniously to produce electricity.

Moreover, they perform an essential function of providing backup power during outages and ensuring a continuous supply of electricity. Being the major performer in power transmission, it keeps the industries and power running. However, there is a constant need for spare parts in Pakistan to keep the generators in motion. To get the right and reliable parts of premium quality, the National Corporation gives you a complete variety of generator products to maintain optimal power output.

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Carbon brushesgenerator brushes

Carbon Brushes

  • It transfers electrical current between the stator and the rotor.
  • It enables smooth and direct contact with the commutator.
  • It maintains a constant flow of electricity.
  • It controls the output voltage.
  • It regulates the performance of the generator.

generator bearingsbearings

Generator Bearings

  • It Supports and maintains proper alignment of the rotor and stator.
  • It Reduces friction and enables smooth rotation of the rotor.
  • It Absorbs any vibrations or shocks, ensuring reliable operation.
  • It Prevents excessive wear and tear on rotating components.
  • It Extends the lifespan of the generator.

Rotor WindingRotor Winding machine

Rotor Winding Machine

  • Rotor Winding is a rotating component that spins inside the stator.
  • It generates a magnetic field that interacts with stator winding.
  • It converts mechanical energy from an external source into rotational energy.
  • It induces an electromotive force in the stator winding.
  • It impacts the generator’s efficiency and power output.

slip ringsgenerator slip rings

Slip Rings

  • It makes electrical contact with brushes in the generator
  • It allows the transfer of energy 
  • It provides a continuous connection for brushes to access the electrical energy
  • It transmits the power signals between components

stator windingstator windings

Stator Winding

  • Produces a rotating magnetic field in the generator.
  • Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Determines the frequency and voltage output.
  • Maintains efficiency and stability of the generator.
  • Controls the power factor and regulates the voltage output.