Hydro Turbines

Hydro turbines are the core of hydropower plants, converts the kinetic energy into electric energy using running water to form renewable, clean energy. These turbines consist of various parts like blades, shafts, and a shaft seal connected to the main generator that drives the turbine to produce electricity.

National corporation provides various kinds of turbines like Francis turbines, Kaplan turbines, and Pelton turbines according to specific water flow and head (height difference). Hydro turbines are the driving force behind the successful production of hydel energy in Pakistan.

Additionally, a significant share of Pakistan’s power production depends upon hydropower, producing electricity using hydro turbines. Hydro turbine maintenance and regular monitoring of spare parts are essential for better performance. Keeping this sector alive can build a sustainable and brighter future for the nation.

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Discharge RingDischarge ring 2

Discharge Rings

  • They help control the flow of water exiting the turbine.
  • These rings optimize the turbine's efficiency by managing water flow.
  • They ensure that water is discharged smoothly and efficiently.
  • Hydro Turbine Discharge Rings play a crucial role in the operation of hydroelectric power plants.

Draft Tube

Draft Tube

  • It helps to increase the efficiency of the turbine by reducing energy loss.
  • The draft tube connects the turbine's runner.

Generator Surface Air CoolerGenerator Surface Air Cooler

Generator Surface Air Cooler

  • It helps in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the generator.
  • The cooler consists of a series of fins and tubes through which air flows, dissipating heat from the generator's surface.
  • It prevents the generator from overheating, leading to damage or decreased efficiency.
  • The generator's surface air cooler is essential for ensuring the reliability and longevity of the generator.

Inlet ValvesInlet Valves 2

Inlet Valves

  • Hydro Turbine Inlet Valves control the flow of water entering the turbine.
  • They regulate the amount of water supplied to the turbine blades.
  • These valves help to manage the power output of the turbine.
  • They ensure efficient operation by adjusting water flow according to demand.
  • Hydro Turbine Inlet Valves are crucial components for maintaining optimal turbine performance.

journal bearingjournal bearing 1

Journal Bearing

  • It supports and stabilizes the rotating shaft of the turbine.
  • The bearing reduces friction between the shaft and the stationary parts, allowing smooth rotation.
  • It helps maintain the alignment of the shaft and prevents excessive wear and tear.
  • Hydro Turbine Journal Bearing ensures efficient and reliable turbine operation over time.

Shaft SealShaft Seal 1

Shaft Seal

  • It ensures that water does not enter areas where it shouldn't, such as the turbine housing or generator.
  • The seal is designed to withstand high pressures and provide a tight barrier against water.
  • It helps maintain the efficiency and reliability of the hydro turbine by preventing water damage.
  • The Hydro Turbine Shaft Seal is crucial for hydroelectric power plants' safe and effective operation.

Spiral CasingSpiral Casing 2

Spiral Casing

  • It is a spiral-shaped, curved structure that guides water flow into the turbine.
  • The spiral casing helps convert water's kinetic energy into mechanical energy.
  • It directs the water flow towards the turbine blades with minimal energy loss.
  • Hydro turbine spiral casing is essential for optimizing the efficiency and performance of hydroelectric power generation.

thrust bearingthrust bearing 1

Thrust Bearing

  • It supports the axial (horizontal) loads generated by the water flow and turbine rotation.
  • The thrust bearing helps to maintain the proper alignment of the turbine shaft.
  • It reduces friction and ensures smooth rotation, enhancing the turbine's efficiency.
  • Hydro Turbine Thrust Bearing plays a vital role in preventing excessive wear and tear, contributing to the longevity of the turbine system.

turbine runnerimage_4 (2)

Turbine Runner

  • Powerhouse for your hydro turbine.
  • Spins with water flow to generate electricity.
  • Simple to install.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Easy to use for generating power from water sources

turbine shaftturbine shaft 2

Turbine Shaft

  • Long metal rods are used in hydroelectric power plants.
  • It helps transfer rotational energy from turbines to generators.
  • Made of sturdy materials like steel or alloy.
  • Connects turbines to generators to produce electricity from water flow.
  • Critical component in hydroelectric power generation systems.