Steam Turbines

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Steam Turbine BearingsSteam Turbine Bearing

Steam Turbine Bearings

  • Supports the rotating shaft of the turbine.
  • Reduce the fraction between the shaft and stationary parts.
  • Minimizes wear and tear.
  • Requires proper lubrication and maintenance.
  • Ensures reliability and efficiency of the turbine system.
  • Maintains the alignment and stability of rotating components with turbine.

Steam Turbine BladesSteam Turbine Blade

Steam Turbine Blades

  • Convert the energy from high-pressure steam into rotational motion.
  • Blades are positioned on the router to harness the steam floor.
  • It comes in different shapes and sizes to optimize energy extraction.
  • Maximize energy transfer and minimize losses.
  • Enhance the flow of steam and maximize power output.

Steam Turbine casing

Steam Turbine Casing

  • Protects and encloses the internal components of turbines.
  • It helps contain the steam flow to regulate through different stages
  • Can withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Maintains proper alignment of internal components.
  • Contributes to the overall structural integrity and performance.
  • Ensures the longevity and reliability of steam turbine.

Steam Turbine NozzleTurbine Nozzle

Steam Turbine Nozzle

  • Accelerates the steam flow to high velocity before it reaches the blades.
  • Convert steam pressure into kinetic energy.
  • It Directs the steam flow toward the turbine blades.
  • It Controls the speed and direction of steam flow.
  • Optimizes the overall performance and output.

Steam turbine sealsSteam turbine seal

Steam Turbine Seals

  • Essential for control in the steam floor.
  • Maximizes the performance of the turbine.
  • Maintains efficiency in preventing energy losses.
  • Prevents steam leaks and seals the clearance between rotating and stationary components.
  • Insurance proper operation and minimize wastage.

Steam turbine valvesSteam turbine valve

Steam Turbine Valves

  • It Controls the flow of steam in different stages.
  • Adjusts the steam flow rate to match the operation requirements.
  • It Manages the steam pressure and temperature.
  • Ensures proper steam distribution to optimize performance.
  • It helps in achieving the desired power output.