Steam Turbine Casing

Steam Turbine Casing

  • Protects and encloses the internal components of turbines.
  • It helps contain the steam flow to regulate through different stages
  • Can withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Maintains proper alignment of internal components.
  • Contributes to the overall structural integrity and performance.
  • Ensures the longevity and reliability of steam turbine.


A steam turbine casing functions as the outer shell or covering enclosing the steam turbine’s internal components. It provides structural support and contains the steam flow throughout the turbine stages. It also guides and directs the flow of steam as it passes through the turbine. Besides, it ensures efficient energy conversion while preventing steam leakages.

Additionally, one of the critical roles this casing performs is maintaining the alignment and position of turbine components. It encloses rotors, blades, steam turbine LP inner casing, and steam turbine valve casing. By securely housing these components, it ensures that they remain well-aligned and stable during power production. It also minimizes the vibration and mechanical stress on the components, contributing to the safety and longevity of internal parts. Moreover, the turbine casing is crucial in directing the steam flow through the turbine stages. It is designed with carefully shaped passages and chambers that guide the steam flow from the inlet to the exhaust, optimizing the energy transfer and maximizing turbine efficiency.

Furthermore, the casing protects the turbine components against external environmental factors like dust, debris, and moisture. Enclosing the internal components prevents contamination and corrosion, ensuring the long-term reliability and durability of the turbine. Overall, it is critical in ensuring steam turbines’ efficient and reliable operation. To keep your steam turbines in motion, buy steam turbine casing from us today!


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