Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Services

National Corporation hits the top list when it comes to finding the trusted and most reliable partner in Pakistan’s power sector. We hold a unique position in Pakistan’s thermal power sector due to our leading services over the past four decades. Our commitment to providing exceptional repair, refurbishment, and maintenance services for thermal power plants makes us feel proud. Catering to the needs of power plants in Pakistan, we are dedicated to keeping the industry in motion with our top-notch services.

Maximizing the performance of Thermal Power Plant in Pakistan

According to the Stats, thermal power accounts for 62% of Pakistan’s total power generation capacity. It sets the ground for thermal plants as the cornerstone of the Nation’s power generation infrastructure. Understanding the intricacy of the thermal power dynamics in Pakistan, National Corporation is committed to enhancing the performance through its expert repair and maintenance services.

NC Knows About Thermal Power Plants Spare Parts

Being the leading name in the industry, National Corporation has complete mastery over the parts of coal fired power plants. We know the indispensable role of each part in power plants and power generation. What drives power plants are boilers- the heart of thermal power! 

 As boilers are responsible for converting water into steam that drives the turbine, other integral parts exist. Our skilled technicians at National Corporation are experts in repairing and refurbishing parts of boilers in thermal power plants, ensuring seamless functionality. From turbines to condensers and generators to transformers, our dedicated technicians handle every component with complete expertise. To ensure unhindered power generation, we aim to consider every aspect of the process.

Thermal Power Plant

Our Services

As Pakistan’s power generation heavily relies on coal thermal power plants, regular maintenance and repair are essential to keep the power generation in motion. Considering its significance, the National Corporation is dedicated to ensuring the efficiency of thermal plants. For this cause, it provides its core repair, refurbishment, and maintenance services. 

Moreover, we provide specialized services for the components of the power plants, such as boilers, turbines, and generators. By doing so, NC aims to play a vital role in sustaining the integrity and efficiency of power plants in Pakistan.


As Coal is a primary fuel source for thermal power plants, the National Corporation highly prioritizes the significance of sustainable practices in coal-fired power plants. We are committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting cleaner technologies. Our services include retrofitting power plants with advanced emission control systems. In addition, our compliance with environmental regulations while maintaining the optimal plan operation sets us apart in the power industry! 



Undoubtedly, generators are the backbone of power generation. This is where the National Corporation extends its expertise in maintaining and repairing parts of coal-fired power plant generators. Our skilled technicians ensure that the coal-operated thermal plant generators operate at maximum capacity to give the best output. 

Additionally, understanding the pivotal role of each part of a power plant, NC offers comprehensive services, including:

  • Coal handling
  • Emission control system

We are committed to excellence and ensure that each part of the generator functions smoothly to give the best performance. 


As supercritical coal power plants are specialized to operate at high temperatures and pressures, they aim to increase efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. Considering the need for higher efficiency, National Corporation stays ahead by providing comprehensive repair and maintenance services for supercritical power plants. To ensure efficient and optimal performance, our team of experts vows to provide the best services to help you achieve your maximum potential. 


Why National Corporation?

National Corporation stands as the most reliable partner in the realm of thermal plants in Pakistan. We contribute to the seamless operation of these critical facilities, focusing on repair, refurbishment, and maintenance to improve the Nation’s energy infrastructure. National Corporation is the only name in the industry to catalyze the progress of Pakistan’s power sector. So, stay powered with National Corporation! 

What matters the most to NC is the high-end performance of power plants. By employing advanced technologies and implementing the latest practices, we aim to improve the overall efficiency of power generation processes. Our team of experts conducts thorough inspections, identifies potential issues, and recommends strategies for boosting the efficiency of the power plants. 

As efficiency is of paramount significance in power generation, we strive to optimize the efficiency of thermal power plants through regular maintenance and upgrades. National Corporation is the perfect partner for power plant repair and maintenance if you intend to enhance performance by reducing downtime. With a solid commitment to improving the efficiency of thermal plants in Pakistan, the National Corporation contributes to more reliable energy plants.